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To Dream


Impossible Dream

~Man of La Mancha


Within dreams lies the key to other worlds. Through pen and paper, or on the keys of digital media, we can convey the most horrible of terrors, or the most fantastical of adventures. With these things written in tongues of anyone who desires above all to read anything new, and in doing so expand their mind, we can invite anyone to come along for the ride. It is truely up to the reader to accept this rope into the mists of the writer's world, but it is for the writer to first cast that rope through the impenetrable veil and lead them on their first steps into the realms of the unknown.

One should never limit themselves based on what others have to say, but rather learn from the criticism, ignore that which does not improve them, and take from the sincere people that which lifts them up. No one, no matter what background, is too old or mature for an adventure.

Welcome to the den of Lycantis.



WARNING: Triggers and some graphic content.

Adult audience.

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