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My Collective Works


Herein lies the collective works I have thus created. Please feel free to leave reviews on the different websites after you have read my books. I'm always looking for feedback to hone my writing and hear what the readers thought.

Stories from the Lycantis Universe

Books: 1

Format: ebooks and softcovers

Genre: Fantasy

Milavenai, a young huntress and peria farmer from the northeastern region of Gordanadar, is the keystone of a long prophesy she never had the desire to be thrust into. Born into a strong seaside village, Piascas Dulu, she is drawn into a world filled with myth and wonder, terror and greed. On a journey across several lands foreign to her, she is bound to meet fantastical creatures, gaining allies of many kinds. Mysterious forces and seers of the prophesy will guide her through her destiny as she accepts what unfolds.


Join the Lycantis and companions in a war against the ever-reaching grasp of the wicked as they traverse the vast world of Zhy'Araei.

DagamLogoCard-cover size.jpg
Dagam Faer

Books: 3

Format: ebooks and softcovers

Genre: Cyberpunk; Science Fiction

Everyone has a story. There is no one who has never suffered or lost. For some, there is no escape. In the vast reaches of Earth, under the totalitarian and tyrannical new world government, the Federation of Amenity, there are those individuals with events as told from a perspective following their every move. Dagam Faer is several series sets which follows outcasts from different backgrounds across a timeline after the world fell into the clutches of a dictatorship. Known as "Mods", these modified human fugitives must stay in the shadows and fight for their survival against all odds. They must remain hidden, for their every move is a risk to them and those around them.


Are you willing to follow their path?



Format: ebooks and softcovers



Graphic novel
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