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A Bit More About Me

I respond to Lycantis, but also my given name. I am an author and artist, and I dabble in game development as well as multiple crafts. I didn't choose to become an author, I have always been. Writing is not something we control, and our characters have their own free will. Often, I find myself staring at a book for countless hours trying to come up with new material for my stories, but they cannot be forced. Ideas must come from within--through dreams and experience, patience and a delicate hand. It is not for the writer to compose a book, it is for the book to embrace the author and guide them across the pages until the story comes to an end, then make way for the next story.

I don't consider myself above anyone, or greater than other people. I am just a person, albeit a tad strange. I try to convey this feeling through some of my characters, who are quite a bit--on an enormous scale--more interesting than I will ever be. Their lives are more interesting, to say the least, but I wouldn't want to be in their shoes; I already have enough in my life to deal with.

I do enjoy conversation, which can lead to hours of talking about whatever crosses my mind. I may come across as nit-picky or having a superiority complex, as I have been accused of numerous times. I can't see it, so I apologize if I seem this way at all. But the truth is I love to learn and teach others what I've learned, and I present myself with a serious composure most of the time because of my past. link to personality type

I want to note that I was a victim of severe bullying, to the point where I did try to end my life, but my family helped me through those hard times. Bullying is still a serious issue that needs to be taken care of, but is something that tends to be ignored. This injustice and abuse led me to think of life in a different light. I try to be as sincere and polite as I can, though sometimes I have a temper and impatience--I am only human, after all. Well, kind of... I believe everyone deserves respect unless they act in such a manner so as to warrant the golden rule: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.


I was once a married woman, but he left me because of my disabilities. I was no longer a convenient paycheck so he could play video games all day. I don't know what I did to deserve those five years stolen from me, but I feel I was taken advantage of and used. To find out the one I loved most had never had any love for me at all sent me into a spiral of depression and pain. I got over it, mostly, but that part of my heart will never come back. I am resistant to love or relationships because of it. I never want to be used then thrown out like old garbage again.


The last few years of my life have been spent moving upward and trying to gain ground in my role as an author, a nutrition specialist, and game developer. I've even begun dabbling in different crafts such as carpentry and leathercrafting. No one should ever give up on their dreams, no matter how silly others might think they are.


I hope to bring people into my worlds I have created, and for them to enjoy the characters and vast universes just as much as I have.

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