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Dagam Faer


Keeper and the Guardians

Coming soon


Coming soon



May contain spoilers - proceed at your own risk!


This is a sample of the concept sketches for the facial features of the manga cat-man characters. I wasn't happy with the design so it took a different turn and ended up having a completely different style.

The torso to the left is just a practice sketch based wholly on someone else's work so I lay no claim to the design, I was just using it as a basis for my own style.

Another sample of different body sketches. I was working on musculature and basic anatomy with poses and lines with help of manga tutorials.

These are just images I did for the birthdays of 5 guys in a Japanese actor troupe called dopeAdope. I turned them into my cats in realism because they are the ones who actually inspired the manga to begin with.

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