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Losing your brain

Well then, I lost my marbles and decided to go back to school. Why? I don't know, but so far it's been enlightening and fun. School needs to be less expensive. It's no wonder us poor suckers are stuck at the bottom of the food chain of success. Taking two right now, College Composition 1 and Principals of Nutrition.

Now, I don't mind being taught in the ways of writing, because it is always welcomed, but the second class is driving me to the edge of insanity. This may be a good thing... The reason this may be good is that I spent three entire days becoming an expert on scientifically sound methods, studies, and nutritional data published in science journals and in official scientific publications - not the personal kind that people publish just for some ill-informed agenda - by scouring the depths of the information on valid research. I'm extremely picky about my sources. If someone claims something is good for me, they better have a darn good reason and scientific study to back their claim. What all of this digging was for was because of the coursebook. It was making the entire 'saturated fat and cholesterol are bad' claims, as well as demonizing white rice over brown.

Here's the scientifically proven truth: Saturated fats do not have a negative affect on health, neither does cholesterol. White rice is also better than brown but both are completely useless in the diet.

I will be making a page dedicated to informing my audience who are interested in their health on these unconfirmed, ludicrous claims that are a myth purported in the late 1950's by some guy, Ancel Keys. In the same era, a machine that could detect heart disease was invented before the epidemic started. Not to become all conspiracy nut, but doesn't this coincidence make some of you want to reach for a tinfoil hat? Saturated fats and cholesterol have been a part of the diet, and a high amount of it, for thousands of years. It wasn't until the introduction of seed oils (Canola, soy, corn, peanut, cottonseed, grape seed) that all the heart disease became rampant, so why blame the natural stuff? The introduction of refined sugar, legumes, and grains didn't help either, and unfermented soy has long been known to be poisonous. Soy shouldn't be eaten at all - no reason for it. Mild amounts of fermented soy in the form of soy sauce, natto, or other fermented product, seems benign when a high amount of iodine is present. But not too much, ever, if at all. Seeing these 'experts' claim you cannot follow a direct hypothesis until proven factual, then they contradict themselves by doing just that, then counter-contradict on that by telling the reader to be alerted to scientific breakthrough and study when they are NOT doing so... It's just aggravating. How can I trust a source that is spewing something that's been proven a myth over 30+ years ago?

On the plus side, I'm trying to maintain my grades and learn from all of this. At least I have real, valid scientific resources to make sure everything in that book that I know to be false (margarine is dangerous, not a food item, stop promoting it) will one day not be in medical books. Get your head out of the sand, humans, the rest of the world has left you in the dust because you refuse to accept the truth.

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