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Not sure if this is funny or not, but I managed to pass one of my classes by not trying. I wouldn't read the coursebook because it was filled with falsifications and old science that has been debunked for years.

Skip this next part if you hate the truth, because I'm blunt and honest:

The program MyPlate is a glorified Food Pyramid that's caused the obesity problem. I'm working on a page for health-conscious people who can't find decent information on the subject of what's healthy or not. Simple answer: grain is poison, especially in large amounts. I've found a really good documentary, Fat Head, that is scientifically sound even if the narrator/star is a comedian. At least he makes science entertaining...even if what he says is terrifying when you step back and realize where cancer, obesity, and heart disease is coming from. It's my right to say the FDA and USDA are terrible organizations who do not care about the health of the American people. There are many books with scientific information that explains all of my findings, and will be published once I get that page sorted.

I have subsequently gone high-fat (mainly saturated), no grains or legumes, no refined sugar including juice, no processed seed oils, and zero industrial processed garbage diet and needless to say I'm happy about it. The diet I found is called Ketogenic, and it's not a diet, it's a lifestyle based on real nutritional science. Sorry, vegans, science proved that you're nothing more than an anxiety disorder, orthorexia nervosa, and fall in with the other nervosa disorders. Vegan/vegetarian is prompted by movies like Bambi and Snow White, where all the fluffy animals sing and get along. Oh, if only they told the truth. Bambi wouldn't hesitate to kill and eat Thumper if he got the chance, and all those birds landing on him are free game. All animals eat animals, period. The fact that our physiology is incapable of supporting a vegan diet in a natural setting is a big no-brainer. The one thing that convinces me the scientists in the red meat and cancer link studies are completely incompetent and biased, selfish individuals is the fact that they didn't even use natural red meat as a sample. They used processed foods and unhealthy, grain-fed animals versus vegetarian diet. Where's the real red meat? All of the "red meat" dishes were filled with high amounts of refined carbohydrates and hundreds of other things that could be a cause but they maintained the red meat baloney. There will never be a link because there isn't one.

Anyway. Through vigilant, non-biased and purely scientific research, I found plenty of reason to encourage Keto. This is a natural-diet lifestyle and isn't as restrictive as people think it is. For example, some people thrive better on more plant, some on more meat, but all need copious amounts of healthy fat like animal fat, coconut oil, olive oil, avocado oil and need to drastically lower carbohydrates. The only reason anyone should be high-carb at all is if they have a disorder like porphyria, but it should only be when attacks are happening and use pure glucose, not standard refined sugar. I got a high grade on a paper that I just guessed half the answers on in nutrition, so I was surprised, needless to say. I will make it my life's goal to become one of those people who helps people and uses real nutritional science to guide people into being healthy.


Trying to maintain my grades through stress. Having family, friends, and fans who care really helps. You know who you are. Thank you.

Other than all that hubbub, and sorry for rambling on with my tinfoil hat lodged so tightly around my cranium, I added a music page because I love music. I adore almost every kind of music. There was too much to share in a small page, so be prepared for a huge slap in the face of what I like. Sitting here listening to the Lycantis playlist I have for when I need something in the background got it...Lycantis. Some music overlaps for Dagam Faer and Lycantis, but in my opinion, all of them are great.

Working on the second Lycantis book edits before I put it out, which includes the illustrations. I have been in a rut in drawing because my writing has taken over. It will get there, I promise. When I am in a drawing mood, I shall get as many sketches done as possible, then work them into being awesome. Onward to glory!

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